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Eurostar delivers a rich mix of travellers

Since 1994, more than 150 million passengers have used Eurostar. This unique mix of people has developed into five very identifiable audience groups.

Through valuable insights into these different groups, you can ensure your advertising engages with the right audience.


13% of passengers are work premium These passengers value the ease of use and travel experience offered by Eurostar

100% are travelling for business purposes and, at their destination, almost 20% go to bars, restaurants and cafés.

36% of this audience travel more than five times a year.


28% of passengers work on a budget This group of passengers are both familiar with and loyal to the Eurostar experience

These passengers choose Eurostar because they require a hassle-free city centre to city centre travel experience.

Almost 80% make at least two trips per year on Eurostar.


18% of passengers are expats and relatives This is a really experienced and highly travelled audience

These passengers always use Eurostar to travel to its destinations and should be receptive to any brand that associates itself with their travel partner of choice.

31% of these passengers travel more than five times a year.


12% of passengers are leisure connectors These passengers use Eurostar to explore other areas of the UK and continental Europe

Eurostar users who are likely to be going on a longer holiday, particularly to the South of France.

They are inquisitive and very open to attractions and cultural experiences.


30% of passengers are core city breakers Eurostar destinations fit in with big events they want to celebrate

This audience has a passion for exploring Eurostar destinations. They immerse themselves in the culture, history, food and events that make each city unique.

This group of passengers is the most likely to be travelling with children.

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